The Bus Stop Group has services for owner managed businesses just getting started all the up to well established organisations with offices all over the UK.


brokenStones was originally incorporated as a limited company in September 2006 by Chris Blunt, providing IT services for small businesses through to global giants such as Yahoo! In March 2012 brokenStones was merged in to the Bus Stop Group and became a trading name of B.S Net Limited. Click here to view the website.

 MyBusinessIT Club

The MyBusinessIT Club (MBIT Club for short) is a UK based organisation dedicated to helping business owners get more out of their IT systems. At the MBIT Club we help you put the right computer systems in place to support and accelerate your business. We help business owners escape from the ‘computer says No’ syndrome!

You can find out more information about membership on the MyBusinessIT Club Website

BS Hosting by brokenStones

B.S Net has been delivering internet services since 1996, when Chris Blunt took the helm in 2012 and B.S Net expanded in to the Bus Stop Group and the internet services are now delivered under BS Hosting.

If you have a website, whether it’s a static site or based in a content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Concrete 5, BS Hosting can look after this for you. You can choose from our premium shared hosting or our exclusive dedicated servers to suit your needs.

The Hosting services have been expanded to now not only include the previous POP and IMAP hosting, but now also hosted Exchange along with premium anti-spam and anti-virus email filtering.